At Ravida we have always been involved in the wholistic outcome for our clients and we recognise that no matter how beautiful the house we design and build is.. It will never be complete without the appropriate landscaping to compliment it.

Over the last 10 years Ravida has been working closely with a select group of independent landscape designers and landscape architects to help our clients achieve the best outcome for their family.  The size, orientation and location of the pool, water features, paths, ornaments and plants are critical but so too is getting the levels and drainage right, working out the clothes line and rubbish bin location, basketball hoops, dog beds and a host of other items critical to the families that we build our homes for.  

The forward planning for landscape works is a logical step, planning where power is needed, where garden lights will be switched from, drainage pipes and connection points will go, setting the correct levels at site cut stage when larger machinery can be used has a range of other benefits that can save you substantial time in construction and many thousands of dollars.

Working with our landscape designers and our clients we ensure that its not just your home that is a practical, beautiful work of art that’s a joy to live in.  But that your landscaping (and pool, court etc) are also designed with similar intent and deliver a stunning outcome.

So successful has the collaboration been that Ravida will cover the cost of the landscape design for any client that pays an initial deposit before this Christmas. * 

With an upfront value of between $5,000 and $9,000 this offer is a great opportunity but the real value comes with the end result as can be seen by our gallery https://www.ravida.com.au/luxury-homes/gallery/#alfresco-entertaining .

Contact David now on 0437 740 654 or dscott@ravida.com.au for more details.

*deposit must be paid in full before Friday 23rd Dec 2018 and it only applies to a the agreed Ravida landscape designers, Horti Couture and Justine Carlile landscape design.  

Horti Couture Landscape Architects