Home Design in Melbourne

Ravida have been designing and building homes for over 30 years, our Bespoke Luxury homes and premium Commercial projects have helped shape the style of Melbourne’s finest suburbs.

Designing Bespoke Luxury homes is an art form, experience is hard won, great skill is required, and careful processes need to be followed from the very beginning to achieve the best result. A careful combination of passion, listening, education and guidance.

Passion for each and every home we design and build.

Listening to fully understand each client’s desires and requirements.

Educating each client to ideas and concepts that they may not have considered or seen before. Guiding our clients, with our expert knowledge and understanding to the best solution for them.

So if you are looking for a local luxury home designers in Melbourne with the experience, passion and skill to design and build the home you’ve always wanted, make an appointment with Ravida – leaders in bespoke home design in Melbourne.

Four Reasons to Choose a Bespoke Design Home

  • to suit the site and take full advantage of your block of land
  • to suit your way of life and meet your desires
  • to meet your budget
  • to give you value

Firstly, a truly bespoke home is designed to suit the site. The design must consider all aspects of the site in the context of the clients wishes of how they intend to use the site and the various zones and planning schemes covenants easements and other restrictions that may apply. From there we review the opportunities the site represents, a view of the city mountains or bay? A slope to work with (not against) a laneway at the back or a peculiar shape or orientation. Then various priorities must be given to outdoor areas and pools, car parking must be considered, the number and size of rooms on the ground floor understood, provision for services like clotheslines hot water units and A/C systems included. By fully understanding the site and the client’s ideas from the outset, enables us to maximise every aspect of the site and with the cost of land, that is not just good home design in Melbourne but good financial sense.

Secondly a truly bespoke home suits your lifestyle. This is the whole point of a bespoke home, there are always plenty of nice homes you could live in, things in a home you can put up with or things you can live without. But the idea of a custom designed home is to ensure that you do get the things you want in your home in the way that works for you and your family. The look you want, the kitchen you’ve dreamed of, the basement garage for the car you want. The ensuite like the one at the resort you stayed at. The indoor-outdoor entertaining area with the pool. The music room or whatever it is your heart desires, we can deliver it.

Thirdly a Custom Designed home makes the most of your budget. By designing the home to suit the site and taking advantage of the sites attributes, efficiencies can be made in construction and site works. By understanding each clients priorities we can ensure that the budget is allocated accordingly and dedicated to features and elements that are important, while efficiencies can be found in areas of less importance. And with our construction experience we can provide accurate budgeting advice throughout the design development process… not just at the end.

Forth is the end value of a Custom Designed home is greater, both in resale and in the value of living in a home that is perfectly designed to suit the way you want to live (and is the envy of others!). A bespoke designed and built home from one of the leading custom design builders in Melbourne Ravida, will last the distance both in terms of its unique timeless style and quality workmanship to ensure it sets itself apart from the others in 5, 10, 20, years and beyond.

It simply makes sense to choose a. Residential design company like Ravida for your dream home.