French Provincial Homes

A classic style of property that doesn’t get built nowadays but continues to inspire many luxury home builders in Melbourne is the Georgian style home. Popularised between 1700-1830 during the periods of reign of Kings George 1-3, and enjoying an equally as long association with American architecture, Georgian style homes can in fact be directly attributed to English architect Sir Christopher Wren and many of his celebrated works. It was by and large the dominant architectural style of the time, until the end of the Revolutionary War when design tastes shifted as the establishment of the United States resulted in the emergence of a new architectural era. Nevertheless, the style has endured and remains a favoured choice among property owners looking to build a deluxe home. If you’re looking to bring the style of Georgian homes to Melbourne, trust in the expertise of Ravida.

Characteristics of Georgian Style Homes

How do you tell modern Georgian style homes from those in a style of a similar era? Georgian homes will typically showcase these distinct features:

  • A sense of symmetry across the house, with the front door always located front and centre and an equal number of windows on each side of the door
  • Exteriors made of brick, stone and stucco materials
  • Decorative window headers
  • Columns located at the front entrance of the house that present a stately, ‘old money’ persona

When you’re looking for custom home builders in Melbourne with the vision and experience to emulate the grandiose Georgian style, you can trust the professionals at Ravida to get the job done.

Why Choose Us for Building Modern Georgian Style Homes in Melbourne?

When you ask long time Melburnians which local custom home builders are synonymous with luxury design and demonstrate the ability to re-create design elements from eras gone by, you can count on Ravida being one of the first names on many peoples’ lips. For over 30 years, we’ve worked with home and property owners in some of the city’s most exclusive suburbs including Toorak, Brighton and St Kilda. We have built our reputation through a collaborative approach to housing design in which we take the time to understand your vision, put it to paper with a series of sketches, and bring it to life with a finished product that combines the best features of the client’s vision with the functional necessities of a deluxe home in the 21st century.

If your dream home is heavily inspired by the Georgian characteristics of centuries gone by and you want to entrust the building of your very own modern Georgian style home to one of Melbourne’s very best, make an appointment with Ravida today.