Period Style Home Builders in Melbourne

Australia is renowned for being a highly multicultural nation, with a strong immigration program taking place in the mid-20th century that saw migrants from the likes of Italy, Greece and many other European nations arrive on our shores. Naturally, as people arrived, they brought with them their culture, with everything from fashion to food, sports and music making its way into what was still an emerging and developing Australian culture. Another factor that came over with the European migration was housing designs, with many of the new arrivals to Australia building European style homes reminiscent of those in their home countries. With distinct characteristics that have endured in popularity even today, if you’re looking for experienced, modern European style home builders in Melbourne to add a strong international influence to your luxury home, you can count on Ravida to get the job done right.

Characteristics of Modern European Style Homes

The characteristics that define modern European style homes are just as diverse as the countries themselves. Most modern built properties will reference the historic designs of eras gone by, but do so with a contemporary twist. However, there are some similar features that our European style home builders in Melbourne are more than happy to incorporate into the build. House plans, for example, will often use a brick or stone exterior, complete with high roofs and ceilings, tall windows that typically come with shutters, and various traditional decorative flourishes such as keystones and pediments. You may also see arched openings across the numerous designs of European style homes. Speak to our custom home builders in Melbourne today about how we can assist you.

Why Choose Ravida As Your Preferred European Style Home Builders in Melbourne?

Ravida has been the go-to name for local residents in exclusive suburbs such as Brighton and Toorak seeking the building of classic and modern European style homes in Melbourne for over 30 years. People turn to us as we’re known to possess the ability and depth of knowledge to build everything from contemporary homes to those that are clearly inspired by classic eras. We work with a strong team of interior designers, landscape artists and security professionals to deliver a dream home that you’re sure to love.

If you want to collaborate with the finest luxury home builders in Melbourne, make an appointment with Ravida today.