Classic and Contemporary Builders in Melbourne

When you’re widely regarded as one of the most versatile luxury home builders in Melbourne, it certainly pays to be versatile in what you’re able to do without ever compromising on quality. Here at Ravida, we’re proud to specialise in the design and construction of luxury homes for clients in some of Melbourne’s most exclusive suburbs from Toorak to Brighton.

What constitutes a luxury home is likely to differ from one client to the next. One client might require the expertise of technology-savvy contemporary builders in Melbourne looking for the complete digitised and automated home living experience. Another might want the comforts and charm of a heritage style home with the spaciousness that custom building can offer. Whichever you’re looking for, you can trust Ravida to deliver a finished product that realises your vision no matter which era inspires you most.

Classic Home Builders in Melbourne

From the grandiose elegance that’s synonymous with Georgian style homes to the rural charm that shines through many heritage style properties, Ravida can help you create a luxurious dream home that’s inspired by the home designs of a bygone era. Our classic home builders in Melbourne will work with you and our interior designers and landscapers to create a complete property that evokes the classic style you’re looking for both inside and out.

Contemporary Home Builders in Melbourne

For those looking for something a little more 21st century, Ravida is equally as adept at building contemporary homes that provide comfort, convenience, safety and security – everything you want and need in a present day home. From the peace of mind that comes with round the clock home security to the convenience and cost savings that come with home automation, when it comes to contemporary home builders in Melbourne, you can count on us to complete the project to the highest of standards.

Discover the Versatility of Ravida Today

For more than 30 years, Ravida has made good on our commitment to our clients looking to bring their dream luxury homes to life. Whether those homes have been inspired by the designs of the current times or of another era, we always maintain that commitment to delivering the best possible solution. Our builders work side by side with highly experienced landscapers, security specialists and interior designers to give you the luxury home you’ve always wanted. Book an appointment with our custom home builders in Melbourne today.