Designer Home Builders in Melbourne

What makes a dream home? Is it one that’s filled with the latest technologies? Does it have a massive backyard with plenty of space for entertaining guests and allowing the kids to play safely? Is it in the heart of the city, in one of the most exclusive suburbs of Melbourne, or quietly positioned off-road in a secluded rural area that gives you all the privacy you want? Is it one that a buyer has spotted among a series of display homes, or one that been designed collaboratively between the owner and local designer home builders? The fact is a dream home is all of these things and more, because everyone’s dream home is different. When you’re looking at luxury home builders in Melbourne who build multi-million dollar homes with the care, attention and values of boutique home builders, you need the expertise of Ravida.

Why Working with Bespoke Builders in Melbourne is Recommended

While you might feel that only you know what you want from your dream home, the truth is having an experienced design team in your corner can be of massive benefit; an extra pair of eyes and hands who take a look at your plans and tell you if they’ll be possible or whether they might blow out your budget.

Designer home builders also have the experience to anticipate and rectify mistakes in the planning stage before they become costly issues. Such potential mistakes can include:

  • Not factoring in storage spaces
  • Not including secondary bedrooms (whether for guests or future children)
  • Your dream home design being too big for the land
  • Failing to separate needs from wants
  • Creating a house that doesn’t facilitate smooth flow

To ensure your home is planned properly from the beginning and ready for the leading custom home builders in Melbourne to start bringing it to life, contact the trusted and experienced bespoke builders at Ravida today.

Why Choose Ravida to Build Your Designer Home?

Though we’re renowned for building some of the most extravagant, award winning homes in Melbourne’s most favoured suburbs like Brighton and Toorak, the fact is it’s not the prestige or price tag of each home that appeals, but the feeling of accomplishment we enjoy once the build is over, the garden is immaculately landscaped, and the interior design of the home perfectly meets the owner’s needs. This boutique approach to building is important to ensure the job is done right.

For more information on designer house building in Melbourne, get in touch with Ravida today. Call us on (03) 9821 0244 or contact us online.